Dentist For Life- Dr. Tadros and his entire staff create the best experience one could hope for going to a dentist. He is very compasionate, caring, sensitive to a patient's pain and fears associated with the experience that most dentists don't have. All of his staff are so nice and make one feel very welcome. Dr. Tadros' professionalism and artistry are surpassed by none. I will only go to Dr. Tadros for my dentistry needs from this day forward for the rest of my life.

Molly R. 3/1/2012

Coming through many decades of serious dental roller coaster rides, my favorite dentist of my entire life was Dr. Townes Lee. However, due to unpleasant circumstances ending that relationship, I believe that my new favorite will be Dr. Tadros. My first checkup was very pleasant. My daughter, Molly will be having major dental work done that will hopefully have a positive outcome and impact on her young life, but I feel confident that Dr. Tadros is the right choice. Even though your pricing is higher than other estimates we have found, the overall feeling that we have received starting with Katherine, continuing through your hygenist and others to Dr. Tadros himself has seemed genuine and professional thus far.

Randy R. 2/22/2012

This office is very professional. They have discovered things in my gum that no other dentist had discovered. they treated it timely and follow up on that. you barely wait in the waiting room. I highly recommend them

Bishoy A. 2/18/2012

Ever since I used Lake Center Dentistry I had nothing but good service. The moment you walk in the office and you could tell that you are their highest priority. Dr. Amear is very knowledgeable and conscious that your experience is as painless as possible and you are comfortable at all times. His work and attention to details is beyond any experience I had in the past. I would highly recommend Lake Center Dentistry to anyone.

George A. 1/26/2012

I never felt anything during my root canal and didn't even have any pain or soreness the next day. Excellant, excellant work. I will recommend everybody to visit Lake Center Dental for your excellant, painless and expert dental treatments. Thanks. Jeff.

Jeff A. 1/9/2012

The procedure was well explained beforehand. The process was attentive and caring. Although the healing process will be long, I believe that the results will be great!!!

Dwight B. 11/23/2011

Dr. Tadros has been our family dentist for a few years. A few days ago I reluctantly went to have a wisdom tooth pulled. I have a huge needle phobia; however he was able to allay my fears with his care and gentle procedures. After the extraction I have experienced zero pain or discomfort. Thanks Dr Tadros! Best, S.H.

Scott H. 11/3/ 2011

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